Our Approach

Sanctuary’s team delivers a natural functional approach to hormonal balance whether you need adrenal, thyroid or reproductive hormone support.  As we look for root causes to your illness, we also apply bio-identical hormone prescription support to restore health.  Whether you are tired, have brain fog, experience irregular cycles, or many other symptoms of hormonal imbalance, we can help restore the balance that gets you back to the healthier more abundant life you long for.

Our Story

Sanctuary Functional Medicine opened its doors in 2014, quickly growing out of one space after another.  As the office grew in size, our numbers have grown with our most recent addition being Beth York FNP-C who runs our Empowered Life Hormone Program.  Whether hormones remain in need of support after our comprehensive program or you begin only needing hormone restoration, Beth will guide you through the program into a healthier more abundant life.

Meet the Team

Our multi-disciplinary team is designed to provide you with the best of advanced hormone therapies. With Dr. Potter overseeing the team, Beth York FNP-C and staff serve as the hands and feet of your care.


Beth York


Sam Website Pix

Sam Stevens

Administration Assistant


Brooke Blackburn, EMT

Brooke Blackburn, EMT


Dr. Eric Potter Functional MD

Team Leader


Georgia McCray

Office Manager

Steven_Paske_headshot (1)

Steven Paske

Patient Relations Specialist

Next Steps…

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