Meet the Team

Dr. Potter

Dr. Potter certified functional MD oversees Beth York’s hormone program and further contributes to patient’s overall health restoration.

Dr. Eric Potter graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School and then went on to specialize in internal medicine (adult) and pediatric care, spending significant time and effort in growing his medical understanding while caring for patients from all walks of life. In recent years, he devoted countless hours to obtaining the Institute for Functional Medicine Certification (link here).  This certification places him within a small group of regional practitioners who have completed the entire program.  At Sanctuary you will find the best of the conventional medical field combined with the best of Functional Medicine.

Beyond the science, Dr. Potter has personally experienced healthcare crises from both sides of care–as a physician and as a family member to patients. Working within our broken healthcare system and taking his family members through that same system inspired him to look for new ways to deliver the quality of healthcare he envisioned.  Stepping out of the insurance-based model of medicine allows him to provide whole person care in longer visits.  Providing wholesale pricing on lab tests and supplements removes the profit motive for these services, allowing patients to trust his recommendations.  Practicing Functional Medicine allows him to treat root causes rather than superficial symptoms. He endeavors to be the patient’s trusted advocate with the goal of restoring a healthier more abundant life.

Besides serving as a physician, he is married to an amazing wife and has six beautiful children. Their family has been shaped by the providential occurrences in their lives, including the beauty of adoption.

Dr. Potter also enjoys running, reading, hiking, and spending time with his family.

Hans Hinterkopf, PA

Hans works alongside Beth York and Dr. Potter to provide whole person functional medicine care focusing on cognitive health, mold toxicity, and essential oil therapy.

Hans Hinterkopf, PA-C, received his masters of health science degree from the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League University. He joined us from western NY state where he worked in hospital inpatient medicine, emergency care, and most recently spent the prior 4 years in pediatrics and home health care for the Amish. Over his 14 years of practice, Hans began to see that there were many questions that could not be answered with modern medicine, both in the clinical setting, and in his own home. He became an avid researcher of alternative approaches, became certified in the nutritional healing protocol known as the GAPS diet, and his goal in his practice of pediatrics was to get kids off medications. Currently in process of his functional medicine education and certification, Hans brings knowledge of nutrition and gut health as it relates to many disease states, essential oils, detox, brain health (Dr. Amen and Dr. Bredesen training), mold detoxification, and clean living that are a fitting complement to Dr. Potter’s extensive expertise in functional medicine.

An outdoor enthusiast, Hans loves hiking with his son, rock climbing, kayaking, organic farming, playing worship music with his family, studying functional medicine, building relationships with his patients, taking care of the poor, and living close to the earth and his Creator. Hans, and his wife of 20 years, home-school their two children.  They are enjoying their farm with their 3 horses.

Nursing Staff  

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