Has your doctor told you that your levels are “all within a normal range?”

Many patients come to us after having tried multiple options to help with symptoms, but nothing they have tried has helped alleviate their symptoms of changing hormone levels. This can and often does lead to feelings of hopelessness, great frustration and depression, especially if your current provider has done labs and told you that “everything is within a normal range”, “you’re just getting older” and “you’re simply depressed.” You don’t have to live with these symptoms. We want your hormone levels to be optimized for optimal symptom relief, but also for optimal disease prevention and therein lies a large difference.

Reasons for hormone depletion or loss:

While normal aging is the most common reason for hormonal imbalance, it is not the only one. Sub-optimal diets, stress, certain illnesses, poor or inadequate sleep, and poor lifestyle choices are also contributing factors. Additionally, exposure to radiation from various sources and head injuries can both lower your levels of hormones needed to optimal health.