We’re on a mission to empower our patients with the knowledge and habits they need to cultivate a truly healthy lifestyle.  Once their chronic illness has been addressed, we want to keep them well with our Empowered Life Program.

Comprehensive Treatment Program

Bridge Program

Empowered Life Program

Genetics Program

IV Therapy Program

Sauna – launching November 1

Bridge Program

Restoration from Chronic Illness often requires prolonged treatment. Some patients recover fully in the six month Comprehensive Treatment Program while others need more time and thus opt to continue through our Bridge Program.

The Bridge Program allows the patient another six months to recover and still be treated and monitored intensively. This second-stage program includes in-depth progress reviews and goal setting to finish the restoration.

Empowered Life Program

Patients recovering from Chronic Illness lasting years or decades don’t want to lose ground. When a patient graduates from the Comprehensive or Bridge program, they are eligible to benefit from ongoing Sanctuary care through the Empowered Life Program.

This monthly program offers Functional care for restoration maintenance. It includes visits with our Physician Assistant or our Nurse Practitioner every six months. Ongoing access to our Portal, continued nutritional coaching, and wholesale discounts are included in this tier of care.

Interpretive Genetics Program

Sanctuary can shed light on what to do next with your Genetic Testing Report. Using continuously updated software to analyze the vast array of genetic data; we use Genetics to develop the fullest picture of your health challenges and needs.

Don’t settle for a computer generated report based on statistics when you can have board-certified Dr. Potter, IFMCP, apply Genomic wisdom to your unique case.

Let him personalize your treatment program using this valuable diagnostic tool.

To Read more about the Interpretive Genetics Program, CLICK HERE (You will be taken to the main Sanctuary Functional Medicine Website)

Comprehensive Treatment Program

In our Comprehensive Treatment Program we offer in-depth, analytic visits designed to unearth the root causes of your illness.

We then apply the best of conventional medicine to the best of natural medicine to tailor a treatment program to your body’s unique needs.

After we have guided and monitored you through your restorative program, we get you ready for the next tier of service to ensure ongoing health.

To read about this program CLICK HERE  (You will be taken to the main Sanctuary Functional Medicine Website)

IV Program

For patients enrolled in one of our entry programs, we offer our IV Nutrition Program as an effective treatment option. IV Nutrition may be indicated when food restrictions limit food choices; yeast robs the colon of needed vitamins, or a leaky gut makes absorption difficult.

B vitamins, Amino Acids, Detox Therapies, Minerals, and other infusions can help restore health faster when Oral Therapies are not enough. IV Therapy serves as another way that Dr. Eric Potter and the team at Sanctuary work to help you live a healthier, more abundant life.

Sauna Program

Medically supervised sauna program beginning November 2018. Come experience the benefits of infrared sauna with the safety of our medical team nearby guiding you in detox or physical rehabilitation.